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The CDB Eye has been specially designed for versatility and optimal patient comfort. Created with high wear resistant polyurethane, the Eye provides a high strength bonding base with a three dimensional shape for the perfect tooth fit. Our exclusive funnel entry design ensures easy wire insertion while the narrow base is optimal for quick positioning into the inter-proximal area. Its high bonding strength and clear material deliver a highly effective supporting accessory for any premium aesthetic bracket.

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The Wrench

The strong and durable Wrench, designed exclusively for all CDB product lines, sets the standard for safe and easy debonding. Made from polished, non-corrosive stainless steel, the Wrench is lightweight, ergonomic and supports ambidextrous use. The goal of our design and engineering team was to create a debonding tool that is simple to use and allows brackets to be easily and comfortably removed without fracturing.

When using the CDB Wrench to debond a bracket, a quick twist to the bracket is applied, with minimal force, insuring safety and comfort for the patient. The Wrench is designed to clasp the mesial-distal side surfaces of the bracket, producing good fracturing of the adhesive bond. Our customized design minimizes the risk of breakage to the bracket or damage to the tooth enamel. The engineering behind it is complex, but the ease of use is amazing.

The Button

Available in ceramic or a high wear resistant polyurethane material, the Button's small size, lower profile and contoured mechanical base promotes optimal bonding in hard to reach areas while insuring patient comfort. The Button also serves as an auxiliary aid by providing a large bondable surface area for the aesthetic dental aligners to engage with to insure treatment success. Additionally, it can function as an anchor or to keep cosmetic aligners in places when elastics are required.

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